IoT Opportunities: All You need for Business Success

By March 20, 2017iot, machinelearning

This 7-Chapter 40+ page book introduces the Internet of Things (IoT). It contains a comprehensive report summarizing the key points of the IoT, the impact it will have on both our business and personal lives, and the various business opportunities it brings. This book will enlighten you about the IoT revolution in an easily readable relaxed style. It is perfect for home-based entrepreneurs on the lookout for expanding their knowledge base and seeking new moneymaking methods. American author, Haylee Jackson set out to educate herself on this new phenomenon, ‘The IoT’ and found so much buzz and excitement with the goldmine opportunities it holds on the cusp of realization, she felt compelled to share some of these. This book holds special appeal for lifestyle entrepreneurs open to new online business options and other ways to make money online or off.