Magenta MIDI Interface

By August 2, 2016machinelearning, ML, TensorFlow

The magenta team is happy to announce our first step toward providing an easy-to-use
interface between musicians and TensorFlow. This release makes it
possible to connect a TensorFlow model to a MIDI controller and synthesizer in
real time.

Don’t have your own MIDI keyboard? There are many free software
components you can download and use with our interface. Find out more details on
setting up your own TensorFlow-powered MIDI rig in the

Along with the interface, we have also defined a simple
that enables developers to easily connect their own models to the MIDI
interface. This allows users to share and interact with a range of models in the
community, and additionally aid experimentation by testing out new ideas.

MIDI Instrument Interface

If you are in New York City this weekend (August 5-6), join us at the HAMR+MMH
, where we will be
sharing more details on these tools.


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