Move along, nothing to see here

By April 1, 2017machinelearning

I don’t really want to go into details on this one as our paper is under review at a journal, but the short story is that my colleagues and I have conducted replications of a high-profile psychology study. Not all our replications had results that made sense, and so from a perfectly reasonable Bayesian perspective we chose the more reasonable outcomes to include in our meta-analyses.

Anyway, this is no big deal and our paper will be peer reviewed in any case. But I felt the need to bring it up here because some methodological terrorists have been going on social media bugging me to post all my data. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way. We have IRB rules, subject confidentiality to consider, and also I don’t like the precedent. What would happen if every reputable lab had to share data with bloggers, the rabble on twitter, etc? It would end up like that PACE trial, where all sorts of unqualified outsiders started second-guessing serious researchers. This is just bad news. We have serious science to conduct here. I wish the snipers would spend a little more time doing science themselves and a little less time criticizing. As the great Satoshi Kanazawa put it—or was it Stewart Lee?—those who can, do research. Those who can’t, blog.

We’ll now return to our usually scheduled programming.

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